Glass Fiber Hanger Cost Per M2


It is customary to work with an amount in costs per m2 if you are hiring a fiberglass hanger. Instead of counting working hours, an area calculation takes place.

That way you know exactly where you stand in advance. The number of m2 of a wall or multiple walls is fixed.

That makes the whole clear in terms of costs. What does fiber optic wallpaper cost? Request a customized quote immediately.

Request A Quote For Insight Of Costs

The easiest way to gain insight into the costs of a fiber optic hanger is to request a quote. That is free and without obligation.


The advantage of a free quote with a non-committal nature is that you have the guarantee not to be stuck to anything. You are free to make the offer final or not.

Moreover, it is very simple to gain insight into the costs. Enter your details in the relevant field to start the procedure for a quote.

100% Warranty On Glass Fiber Wallpaper

You want your interior to look sleek with fiberglass wallpaper. When hiring one of our fiberglass wallpaperers, there is a 100% guarantee.

We give a 100% guarantee on the best result because we work with the best fiberglass wallpaperers. These wallpaperers are qualified and highly experienced and skilled.

In addition, the fiberglass wallpaper is of course also of the best quality. The same applies to the paint for the color finish of your wall.

Perfect Relationship Between Price And Quality

You may think that it is very expensive to hire one of the best fiberglass hangers. However, that is not so bad.

The ratio between price and quality of hiring one of our wallpaper specialists and result is perfect. You really don’t pay too much, just an affordable price.

Discover for yourself how advantageous it is to use one of our fiber optic wall hangers. The step to requesting a quote is made in no time.

Glass Fiber Hanger Also Active In Your Region!

Our fiberglass wallpaperers are active in every region. We offer national coverage with our wallpaper service.

National coverage means that we also have a fiber optic hanger in your region. It does not matter whether you live in a village in Gelderland or in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

We are also known for our national coverage. We already have a lot of houses and offices in the Netherlands equipped with fiberglass wallpaper.

Glass Fiber Hanger For New Building House

Our fiberglass wallpaperers are active both with wallpapering in existing homes and in new-build homes.

Non-woven wallpaper is also a popular type of wallpaper in newly built houses. That does not mean that the demand for fiberglass wallpaper remains high.

The constant demand and popularity of fiberglass wallpaper is not there for nothing. It is simply a type of wallpaper that is durable and strong.

Benefit From An Action Rate

We regularly offer great promotional rates with our fiber optic wallpaper service. That means that you are even more economical.

For example with an extra affordable promotional rate for a total service. This means that the costs apply to all components.

A total package then consists of the fiberglass wallpaper and other materials, the wallpapering itself and the finish with painting the wall. Discover quickly whether an action rate applies.

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